Granite State Graziers


So much grass … what to do?
About half of your pasture’s total production comes during the six weeks of spring flush in May and June. This explosion of growth is one of the biggest challenges for graziers.

Join us for this pasture walk to discuss strategies for dealing with this embarrassment of riches. Do you change your grazing pattern? Clip before animals graze? After? Harvest hay? Some or all of the above? 
What can we do now that will minimize the impact of the summer slump? Ensure a reserve of stockpiled forage to extend the grazing season into the late fall and early winter? Improve yields next year and beyond?

We’ll talk about the implications of different approaches for soil health, forage yields, and animal performance, and discuss what might work best for your own farm and animals.

Rain or shine. Come prepared for conditions! 
Saturday, May 18, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Five Sigma Farm, 108 Centre St., Sullivan, NH