Granite State Graziers


Granite State Graziers supports New Hampshire residents who raise animals on pasture and seek to implement pasture management systems that improve soil health and water quality. We act as a clearinghouse for information, conduct educational programs and events, and provide an online resource for our membership.


Updated March 26

Facts about programs to help New Hampshire farms: operational status of markets, ag suppliers, and government agencies, plus info on financial and technical assistance programs available now.

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We are compiling information that will be useful to New Hampshire farmers who are trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. If you know of a resource that could be useful to NH farmers, please share it with GSG using the contact form on this website and we'll do our best to verify and share it.

This site will carry only verified information that is directly relevant to New Hampshire farms.



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Granite State Graziers works to create an environment in New Hampshire that is both welcoming to beginning farmers and homesteaders and supportive of experienced graziers. We work to make the state a place where knowledge is transferred freely among graziers. We strive to support competent, knowledgeable grass farmers who demonstrate the environmental, social, human and animal health benefits of pasture based production systems to their peers and the general public. We work to develop a system of agriculture that is both financially and environmentally sustainable.