Granite State Graziers


Granite State Graziers works to create an environment in New Hampshire that is both welcoming to beginning farmers and homesteaders and supportive of experienced graziers. We work to make the state a place where knowledge is transferred freely among graziers. We strive to support competent, knowledgeable grass farmers who demonstrate the environmental, social, human and animal health benefits of pasture based production systems to their peers and the general public. We work to develop a system of agriculture that is both financially and environmentally sustainable for all.



Emma Grant - President

Emma owns and operates Blue Heron Farm in New Boston, NH. She graduated with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in 2016 from the University of New Hampshire. 

Her love of agriculture ties back to her roots, with her grandfather owning and operating a dairy farm in New Boston. After getting into the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture's Cooperative Real Education in Agriculture Management (CREAM) program, her love for cows really blossomed.

With her milking cow and calf, drove of pigs, and flock of chickens, Emma knows the importance of strong, attentive grazing practices. Each animal plays their role in keeping the pasture nourished and lively throughout the year.


Daimon Meeh - Board Member 

Daimon works for NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service, as their State Grazing Specialist. In that role, Daimon focuses on “explaining grazing systems and elaborate to producers how those systems can positively impact their operations and conservation efforts on their lands.” With his knowledge, he has been able to help not only the people of New Hampshire, but the rest of the country through his “work on training programs for the (USDA’s) AgLearn platform.” 

When not saving the world with his vast understanding of grazing, Damion works alongside his family on their farm, North Family Farm in Canterbury, NH. Be sure to check out their maple syrup


Carl Majewski - Board Member

Carl is the Dairy, Livestock and Forage Crops Field Specialist for UNH Extension. His work focuses on forage and field crop production mainly for dairy and livestock operations across New Hampshire. Carl’s main interest lies in managing soils to ensure their health and productivity as well as exploring uses of new cover crops and promoting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices for corn and forages. 


 Kim Meader - Board Member

Kim is the owner of Cobalt Farm in Effingham, NH, where she raises rabbits, goats and beef and sells raw milk. Being AI certified and a skilled breeder for over 6 years, Kim also travels to local farms to artificially breed cattle. When she isn’t on the farm, she works for Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm in Tamsworth Village, NH. This historic farm is home to exhibits, gardens, walking trails and more, offering a glimpse into the history of doctors living in the country. 



 John O'Brien - Board Member

John is the owner of Winnicut River Farm in Stratham, NH. He raises 100% grass fed beef, pastured poultry and eggs, and forest and pastured pork. John believes that through improving soil, you allow for better pasture development and diverse plant growth, thus providing high quality, tasty meat. Before moving to NH, John worked for 28 years as a fighter pilot in the U.S Navy.


 Megan Rivers - Coordinator

Megan is the newest member to GSG, and came on board after volunteering for a few months. She has experience working with sheep, swine and chickens and worked for a vegetable farm as their Greenhouse Manager in North Carolina. She manages our social media pages and coordinates various events for GSG.