Granite State Graziers


Building Resilience: Granite State Graziers'
11th annual conference
coming on February 4, ,2017

If there’s one thing that’s for certain in farming, it’s that you’ll encounter something you didn’t expect every growing season. When your farm is resilient, you’re able to adapt to these curveballs and thrive in the face of adversity.

Plan to attend Granite State Graziers winter grazing conference, the state’s premier educational event for pasture-based farmers, at the McLane Audubon Center in Concord, NH. Join us for workshops, networking, and inspiration all aimed at helping you build resilience into every aspect of your farm.

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Coming in the spring of 2017

These groups serve as part support group and part sounding board as farmers collaborate to identify opportunities and overcome challenges in their pasture based systems. For more information and to get involved, get in touch or attend the annual conference, where informational and oragnizational sessions are planned.