Granite State Graziers

RESCHEDULED Informational meeting to be held
March 22, 2017 at The Hannah Grimes Business Center in Keene, NH

Peer groups bring farmers with common interests together for mutual support and education. At our informational meeting, we'll arrive at a common understanding of how the group will work, when and where it will meet, and how and whether its members will be in contact between in-person meetings. If time allows, we'll identify a weak link (or greatest opportunity) for each participating farm, and discuss how the group will be able to help fix the weak link or seize the opportunity.

We have the several expectations for farms that wish to take part in the group. Member farms will:

  • be current paid-up members of Granite State Graziers ($25 per year; if you're unsure of your membership status, ask and we'll check for you).
  • contribute $75 per year to defray administrative costs
  • commit to attending the meetings of the group through the course of the year.
  • treat one another with respect and civility and will engage with a spirit of mutual support.
  • honor requests to hold information discussed within the group in confidence.
  • abide by decisions of the group expressed by majority vote of the member farms

This group is intended for intermediate to advanced graziers. You should have at least a few seasons under your belt and be willing to share your experiences -- good, bad, and indifferent -- with your fellow farmers.


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